Watch Repairs & Servicing

Watch Servicing

A watch is a work of craftsmanship and engineering. Continuously ticking away, with delicate moving parts, they need regular maintenance to ensure the best working condition.


Ben understands that watches are very important to his customers and therefore extra care is taken through the use of high quality products such as lubricants, ultrasonic cleaning technology and an ultra modern ‘timing machine’ to calibrate watches.


All watches are fully dismantled and all parts are inspected for wear and damage, whether it be pivots, wheels, springs or plates. Once all visible faults are identified, the watches or clocks are cleaned and reassembled.


Watch Repairs

Ben is able to offers the full range of watch repairs and refurbishing including but not limited to:


Replacement watch straps

Watch glass repair

Watch restoration

Watch bracelet adjustment

Replacement watch batteries

Watch resealing & water resistance

Watch servicing

Dial restoration

Watch valeting

Watch and case repairs


If you have a watch repair or service you would like to talk to Ben about, please get in touch or call Ben on: 07769 792866

Free Estimates

For a fully insured and guaranteed watch repairs and services via a mail order service. Based in Cumbria in the UK, Ben has repaired watches from around the world. All repairs and services differ, so timescales will be adjusted to suit. Ben offers a thorough watch maintenance service (not a generic one) therefore all repairs are customised for every watch

Bespoke parts

Older watches often no longer have parts available and therefore to repair, Ben manufactures bespoke parts allowing him to bring even the unfixable back to life.


He has worked for many years for local jewellers and watchmakers and has built up a solid reputation in the area. He also has vast experience with many watch brands including but not limited to Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Zenith, Patek Philippe, and Jaeger-LeCoultre.


His attention to detail is astute and he, therefore, he offers a 10-year guarantee on all of his services.

Rolex Daytona service
Rolex Daytona stripped down


“Ben repaired my 2006 Tissot PR50 Auto, 4 years after I had given up on it after 2 wasted attempts to have it repaired elsewhere. It now keeps better time than it did when it was new!”
– Richard Bradbury


“Outstanding watchmaker. Restored my vintage Eberhard, including making parts from scratch. Low cost as well. Highly recommended”
– Michael Houston