Clock Repairs & Restoration

Clock repairs

Offering a range of services for clock repairs and refurbishments. Ben understands the sentimental value clocks have to his customers therefore extra care is taken through the use of high-quality products such as lubricants and ultrasonic cleaning technologies.


With decades of experience restoring and servicing clocks, he offers a personalised and friendly service. Each clock is expertly restored, from the ground up, every piece taken apart and individually cleaned and restored.

Porthouse of Penrith verge bracket clock 1770
Porthouse of Penrith verge bracket clock 1770
Inside workings of Penrith verge clock

Antique Clock Restoration

All clocks are fully dismantled and all parts are inspected for wear and damage, whether it be pivots, wheels, springs or plates. Once all visible faults are identified, the clocks are cleaned, reassembled and waterproofed. Each individual piece delicately cleaned and repaired when necessary. Sometimes Ben’s customers present him with an unfixable clock, he has been able to repair such enigmas often through the use of bespoke parts made specifically for that timepiece.

Dedicated to perfection

Ben has experience of working with a wide range of clocks, including:
Grandfather clocks, longcase clocks, 8-day clocks, 30-hour clocks, Grandmother clocks, Granddaughter clocks, regulator clocks, Vienna clocks, wall clocks, English dial clocks, fusee dial clocks, drop dial clocks, bracket clocks, mantle clocks, atmos clocks, carriage clocks, striking carriage clocks, grand sonnerie carriage clocks, French clocks, bulle clocks, ting tang clocks, eureka clocks, verge bracket clocks, cuckoo clocks, chiming clocks, striking clocks, ships clock, antique clocks, turret clocks, and tower clocks.


Traditional clockmakers made clock parts by hand, requiring intricate attention to detail and master craftsmanship. Examples of these complex clocks can be found in grandfather clocks manufactured in the 16th and 17th Century. It was only into the 19th century when clock parts were made in factories and then put together by clockmakers.

Frodsham ships chronometer
A bespoke part custom made for a carriage clock

Free estimates

Clocks tend to be unique in regard to how they’ve weathered, what they’ve been used for and the actual mechanical construction of the timepiece itself. Therefore each clock restoration and repair is unique. Ben offers a free, no-obligation quote before starting work on your clock.